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Peter Harris

Whether moving or standing still capturing such realizations can be life-changing. For proof of this, look no further than Photographer Peter Harris.


Peter Harris is a Seattle-based photographer and videographer most importantly the owner of ShotzByStoli


Born and raised in the Central District of Seattle which is unfortunately experiencing tremendous gentrification, Harris remained true to himself but realized the amount of limitless untold stories that are worth being shared with the world.


Harris found his motivation when initially picking up a camera to document the growth of his first child Messiah and since then it became his passion. Something that to him, “Felt more like mediation than work.”


He’s more than just a photographer which is the most underrated characteristic. Harris has a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Seattle University. Not to mention a great father, an educator, and coach. The vision Harris has a very clear understanding of the importance of creating and documenting memories.


The mission is to use photography to help his clients tell those stories.

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